Homicides in the Northern Triangle Between 2012-2014. 95% of assailants were not brought to justice.

Social Justice Collaborative has won asylum for nearly 200 individuals since opening its doors in 2012. These cases were won through a resource intensive and adversarial process wherein individuals are forced to relive their past traumas in front of a judge and a prosecutor.

Many of our asylum seeking clients are fleeing gang violence in the Northern Triangle. Others suffered gender-based violence from spouses. Many were harmed because of their ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Read some of our client success stories here.

"I fled because of all of the violence. I was alone with my daughters...When I first came here, I didn’t have any documents. Now I have many documents for me and my family.” Photo by Another Look

NY Times Reports- Number of Migrants Illegally Crossing Rio Grande Rises Sharply. Nov 2015.

“…Apprehensions of migrants in families — mostly women and their children — soared in October to 6,029, an increase of 179 percent over October 2014.”

Associated Press Reports- Thousands of unaccompanied children crossed US-Mexico border in October. Nov 2015

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics show nearly 5,000 unaccompanied immigrant children were caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in October, almost double the number from October 2014.”

The UN High Commissioner on Refugees Reports that Women are on the Run

“Research conducted over four months found that women face a startling degree of violence that has a devastating impact on their daily lives. With no protection at home, women flee to protect themselves and their children from murder, extortion, and rape.”

The Guardian Reports that the U.S. is deporting Central Americans to their death. Oct 2015

“Guardian investigation into consequences of Obama’s migration crackdown reveals US deportees have been murdered shortly after return to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, with study saying as many as 83 killed since 2014.”