Why are we a “Collaborative?”  We are often asked this question.

Collaboration with Clients

SJC employs a “client-centered” approach to lawyering.  We empower clients to make informed choices in their legal matters.  We will not dictate to the client, but understand that our clients understand their own basic needs much better than our lawyers do.  Our representation of clients using this approach is therefore a collaborative effort between the client and the lawyer.

We believe that clients should get related legal services on site.  This is why we provide ancillary services such as fingerprint rolling, notary, and passport photos on site.

Collaboration with the Community

There are many great service-oriented organizations in the Bay Area. SJC makes a a concerted effort to work with organizations in the community.  We understand that our clients’ needs are great and that we cannot meet all of them alone.  So we collaborate with other service providers to provide clients holistic services.

Listen to one of Meghan, a former law clerk, talk about collaboration.