SJC addresses the needs of immigrants in criminal proceedings as well. We understand the complex intersection between criminal and immigration law and understand how criminal law affects immigration status. SJC handles both criminal defense for non-citizen defendants and also post-conviction relief services.  We work closely with clients to realize the full potential of their rehabilitation, as well as work toward client economic self-sustainability through a variety of incarceration and post-probation tools.

While the public defender service offers free representation in criminal proceedings to indigent defendants, lower income defendants often are required to pay expensive legal fees to private attorneys.  SJC offers below-market rate services for these non-citizens who want thoughtful, personalized legal care.  Because we are also well versed in how immigration status could be affected we also provide exceptional outcomes.

SJC’s criminal defense services include:

General Criminal Defense

SJC provides complete criminal defense for low-income non-citizens who would face adverse immigration consequences with poorly crafted plea deals.  SJC works closely to refer low-income individuals to the public defender as needed, keeping in mind public defenders are the experts in criminal defense.  However, SJC has seen its fair share of awful plea deals resulting in a domino effect of problems for noncitizens.

Post Conviction Relief for Noncitizens

Although noncitizens may have criminal records, it does not mean that they must forever bear the mark of a mistake.   SJC employs post-conviction relief tools to relief clients of the harsh consequences of records, but also utilizes then to undo the ill effects of horrendous pleas and procedural mistakes.  SJC will prepare and file expungements, motions to vacate, and habeas claims insofar as they assist clients with their immigration or criminal defense.

Warrant Removal