Accountability for Detained Immigrants

Board of Immigration Appeals

SJC’s appellate program accepts many difficult appeals from erroneous decisions of immigration judges.

Many clients come to SJC seeking help appealing trial level decisions of immigration judges. These appeals may be based on a number of factors, from flawed factual reasoning to unsound legal analysis.

SJC accepts appeals that are likely to advance the interests of immigrants throughout the nation.


Accountability for Detained Immigrants

SJC has a special policy of providing pro bono appeals for all of our own detained clients who have received erroneous denials in their applications for relief. Detained judges in San Francisco are notorious for denying the majority of cases, whether meritorious or not. Most detained individuals who lose their cases cannot afford to pay for an appeal, and thus judges are able to act with impunity. SJC’s appellate project is aimed at creating accountability in immigration judges who are so infrequently appealed.

This creates an unfair imbalance between those individuals with resources and those without, as those who are detained are more likely to lack funds to pay their bonds or lack familial support in the United States.

SJC provides free appeals for all of our own clients who are detained and wish to appeal their meritorious cases to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Board of Immigration Appeals

The majority of private attorneys charge very high fees for an appeal. Very few non-profits will take on appeals from low-income immigrants, but many immigrants have very meritorious cases. SJC accepts appeals for non-detained cases at very low-rates.

This includes appeals from denials for asylum, withholding/convention against torture, cancellation of removal, and other types of appeals from the Immigration Court.

Ninth Circuit Appeals

When an immigration judge makes egregious errors and the Board of Immigration Appeals fails to reverse them, SJC continues to fight by taking the matter up to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Social Justice Collaborative has several cases pending in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals at a time where the rights of immigrants are at stake.

Read more about our Ninth Circuit Appeals project here.