Griselda Vazquez

Griselda Vazquez

Administrative Assistant

Griselda Vazquez is a second year Public Health undergrad at UC Berkeley. Growing up in Los Angeles, she noticed the impossible position that immigrants were placed in due to their lack of status. Subject to food ghettos and stuck in an unjust health care system that prevented them from receiving the food and health support they needed, these immigrants faced a difficult situation with few options. This evoked her interest in health promotion within marginalized communities.

The first in her family to go to college, Griselda declared her Public Health major early and became active in a range of health promotion and community advocacy groups on campus, including Chicano/Latinos in Health Education. Outside of school, she spends time riding dirt bikes and discovering new hiking spots.

As a filing clerk and administrative assistant at SJC, Griselda hopes to provide support to immigrants in achieving legal status. She appreciates the opportunity SJC provides to constantly learn new skills and make effective change in people’s lives.


Her work at SJC has given her a better understanding of what it means to be undocumented and the limitations of policy in the Unites States. Through her work at SJC and beyond, she hopes to make change in people’s lives by supporting individuals in obtaining legal status and working with the greater community to improve general health.