Nelson Ibarra

Nelson Ibarra

Staff Attorney

Nelson Ibarra is a staff attorney at Social Justice Collaborative licensed in the State of California. He attends court, helps clients with applications, and prepares unaccompanied minors with their asylum interviews, amongst a host of other responsibilities. After graduating from law school, he found his time volunteering with SJC to be the most rewarding of his experiences. Nelson is proud to work at the nonprofit helping immigrants find the resources that he himself lacked.

Growing up in a rural town in the Central Valley after immigrating from Mexico, Nelson was raised in a community of immigrants, many of whom were undocumented. He felt lucky to have documentation, but seeing his high school friends live in fear of deportation and facing daily discrimination influenced his plans for the future.

Without the economic means to support him through law school, Nelson was unaware of the resources and opportunities available. Meanwhile, as he learned about the law, Nelson noticed the hypocrisy in an immigrant’s right to an attorney at a cost that most immigrants cannot afford. He strongly believes that to have justice, both sides must be equally represented, and that’s why he is so proud to provide legal representation to deserving people.

Through his work here at Social Justice Collaborative, Nelson hopes to provide the immigrant community with the support and resources that he, and so many in his community, lived without and act as a mentor through the challenging process.