Sandibel Ramirez Rubio

Sandibel Ramirez Rubio


Sandibel is a second year at University of California, Berkeley majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in Public Policy. Sandibel is originally from Hidalgo, Mexico but immigrated to Santa Ana, CA at the age of four. As a witness of the strong anti-immigrant sentiment that exists in Orange County, Sandibel got involved with local youth-led organizations in her community that advocate for the rights of undocumented immigrants through local and national campaigns, legal clinics, and community empowerment.

Now in the Bay Area, Sandibel continues to advocate for both immigrants’ rights and low-income communities by working with Rising Immigrant Scholars through Education (R.I.S.E.) and VITA, a school-based clinic that provides free taxes filing services.

Sandibel is both thankful and excited to work at SJC as this is an amazing opportunity to simultaneously observe a career in law and give back to the community.

Sandibel interned between September and December 2016