Marina is a monolingual Mam speaking indigenous woman from San Juan Atitan, Guatemala. She has been in the U.S. for a year and a half, and became a client of the SJC seven months ago. She said, “People told me that this was a good group to work with, and that they had good lawyers here.”

Marina and her 8-year-old son fled the violence and unrest in Guatemala. With the help of the SJC, they were successful in their asylum petition. She would advise anyone in her situation to look for an attorney to help with the process. She said, “I have seen how difficult the process is. You can’t do it by yourself—you wouldn’t have anyone to help you.”

She said that life is better here in the U.S. She hopes to find a job soon. In the meanwhile, her son is in school, where she says he likes to have the chance to learn.

Photo by Another Look