The Maravilla Family

The Maravilla Family

Former Clients

Wilfredo, Liliana, and Isaac are from Mexico. Their parents moved to the United States to look for work and send money home to support their family. For two years, the siblings lived with their grandparents. Although they missed their parents, it wasn’t until they began receiving threats and extortion from a local gang that they decided that they had to get to the United States.

They traveled with their grandmother, who was then deported back to Mexico. The children were reunited with their parents, and then became clients at SJC, and were granted asylum.

Isaac said, “Our lives are better because now we are with our family.”

Isaac said that he likes learning English, and likes his classes in writing and math. When asked what they do now that they are in the US, he said, “We do homework. We play soccer. I am excited to go on vacation. We will spend one week in LA and go to the beach there.”

When asked about the court case, he said, “You should tell the judge the truth and it will be OK. Be confident and tell the truth.”

Their parents heard about SJC at a conference in San Francisco, and on a form from the courts. Other firms they called couldn’t take the case. They said, “We liked the lawyers a lot. They are kind people, and we liked the way they treated us.”

They said that deciding to bring them to the U.S. was difficult, but that they had been more afraid to leave them in Mexico, where they feared they would be harmed. Their father said, “Now they are less worried. They are getting ahead and evolving. It’s much better for them here.”

They anticipate that within the next year, all three children will speak English well. The parents are signing up for night classes in English, and working at alternating times so that they can be there for their children. Their father said, “We hope to continue on here and to help our children get ahead in this country. They have dreams. Wilfredo wants to be a highway patrol officer. Our daughter wants to be a doctor. We are very proud of them, and they are good kids.”

Photo by Another Look