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Social Justice Collaborative believes in promoting an inclusive society. Our mission is to protect and advance the rights of immigrants and their families through legal representation in immigration and criminal court.

Deportation Defense

We are a nonprofit that represents immigrants and refugees in deportation proceedings. We keep families together by defending non-citizens from being deported.

Immigration Appellate Program

We appeal erroneous and unjust decisions of immigration judges to all levels of the appellate system.

Unaccompanied Minor Defense

We zealously advocate for children in removal proceedings.

Criminal Defense of Immigrants

We represent immigrants in criminal proceedings as well as in obtaining post conviction relief.


Deported without Attorneys

By donating

you support valuable legal services for people who desperately need help, who would be killed if returned, or be separated from their American loved ones forever

The SJC difference

Compassionate, caring legal services for people who are in dire straits.  SJC serves the most vulnerable families who have no where to go.


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